How to Be at Home in the World

Photo by Blum on Unsplash
  • we expand our creative efforts to all of life’s challenges, to its mysteries, its rhythms, its heart-shattering losses, its disappointment and to recovery, endurance and invention;
  • we’re more open to expand our horizons, take responsibility for how we behave and to contribute to the wellbeing of others;
  • we broaden our horizons with respect to what is at stake in the matters that come before us;
  • we extend the reaches of our comfort zone;
  • we amplify the tenor of our days with compassion, patience and tolerance;
  • we embrace every moment, dignify every day and celebrate every opportunity with generosity, gratitude and humility;
  • we commit to the compassion and reciprocity that are ours to create and share, and;
  • we find ourselves at home in the world and at peace with ourselves and with others.

Philosopher, Contemporary American thinker, Founder of Autonomy and Life

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